Summer Semester Term 2: July 10 - 28

Summer Semester Term 2 begins Monday, July 10 and concludes Friday, July 28, 2017. Classes are held every week day.

Explore our course descriptions and register for a course. Contact Kelsey Capalbo with any questions or to request further information.

Morning (8:30 – 11:30 a.m.)

Story Explorers (Grades K-2)

Teacher: Heidi Blanchard

Entering Grades: kindergarten - 2

Maximum Class Size: 8

Description: Students will listen and discover a deeper understanding of classic tales and participate in a number of activities such as writing, sequencing, acting, cooking, and more. The program would include rich vocabulary, text, and discussions to enhance students learning and creativity.

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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“Going on a Pine Point Hunt” – Digital Storytelling (Grades 1-4)

Teacher: Pine Point teacher: Rebecca Graebner

Entering Grades: 1-4

Course Description: Students will learn about the plants and animals that they might see around Pine Point’s 67 acre campus and incorporate them into their own story. Through inquiry into the natural environment, students will create and tell a story using technology.

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Kid’s Yoga, Cooking & Alternative Health Concepts (Grades 3-5)

Teacher: Pine Point Nurse Lisa Gardiner

Entering Grades: 3-5

Course Description: Introduce students to various health lifestyles, cultures and concepts which help balance their mind, body, and inner being. Channel student health and wellness energy through ancient world wisdom modules along with modern day research. Concepts include but are not limited to plant based nutrition, aromatherapy, guided imagery, relaxation, deep breathing techniques, stress management, chakra healing concepts, affirmations, positive intentions, mindfulness, crystals, gems, stones and Ayurveda.

Maximum Class Size: 6

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Make it Work! (Grades 3-5)

Teacher: Pine Point Head of Lower School Mary Raftery

Entering Grades: 3-5

Course Description: The course features integrated instruction and inquiry about simple machines. The course will offer multi-disciplinary activities exploring the principles behind simple machines to understand how things work.

Maximum Class Size: 10

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Build a Drone (Grades 6-9)

Teacher: Pine Point teacher Rush Hambleton

Entering Grades: 6-9

Course Description: In this course students will build, modify, and learn to fly their own drone. Our work will also include applying for an FAA Drone Certificate. Pine Point will provide one drone for all to build, but families are welcome to buy a similar drone if the student wants his/her own.

Maximum Class Size: 8

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Afternoon (12:30 – 3:30 p.m.)

Making and Coding (Grades K-3)

Teachers: Pine Point teachers Lou Toscano and Rebecca Graebner

Entering Grades: K – 3

Course Description: Students will identify problems or tools that need to be created or adjusted to serve a specific purpose. Making prompts will be used as well to help students work through the iteration and experimentation process.

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Mathemagic (Grades 1-3)

Teacher: Cristina Panciera

Entering Grades: 1-3

Description: We've planned fun and engaging math games and activities for your child. These activities will focus on the continuation of skills and concepts learned during the school year to assist in keeping his/her mind alert while maintaining familiarity with concepts. Your child will participate in meaningful and engaging hands on activities using objects and ideas related to the summer months, incorporating the outdoors.

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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Adventures in Imagination (Grades 1-5)

Pine Point Staff: Jason Serra, Rebekah Martin

Entering Grades: 1-5

Course Description: Hands-on lessons in creative writing and art with the goal of creating a story comic book by the end of the semester.

Maximum Class Size: 15

Tuition: $900 for the 3-week course

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