Values, Mission and Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Core Values

Respect: We value ourselves, as well as a diversity of people, places, and opinions.

Integrity: We value lives of honesty and sincerity.

Moral Courage: We value doing the right thing when no one is watching and when everyone is watching.

Excellence: We value the need to challenge ourselves to reach our fullest potential.

Our Mission

Students at Pine Point School actively engage in developing a strong academic and ethical core, a lifelong curiosity about their world, and a commitment to reaching solutions creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

Pine Point School aspires to honor and learn from the unique identities and cultural experiences of all members of our community. We know that seeking out and engaging with diverse perspectives develops our individual and collective ability to work and learn creatively, collaboratively, and compassionately.

We recognize that Pine Point’s students thrive academically and socially when every person feels valued and included. Our core values of respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence serve as a framework for our commitment to advance the ideals of equity, inclusion, and social justice. We support and uphold the ability of all of the members of our community to contribute to and participate fully in a Pine Point School experience.

Respect: we commit to fostering belonging.

●  We will connect with and gain a deeper appreciation of those in our community by learning about how people are similar to and different from each other.

●  We will use inclusive language in written and oral communication. 

Be accepting.

Integrity: we commit to promoting authenticity. 

●  We will support our community members as they continually learn to both know themselves and be themselves.

●  We will share our unique stories and listen to and learn from others’ stories. 

Be yourself.

Moral Courage: we commit to cultivating advocacy.    

●  We will demonstrate empathy and learn how to serve as an upstander against the harmful impacts of bias and injustice.

●  We will seek a variety of perspectives and engage in meaningful and sometimes difficult conversations.

●  We will recognize and learn from mistakes as we strengthen our interpersonal relationships and our community.

Be brave.

Excellence: We commit to building understanding.

●  We will implement a curriculum that honors the diverse identities of learners in our community.        

●  We will build individual and institutional cultural competencies in two major areas: develop a greater awareness of one’s worldview and the ways in which our cultural backgrounds shape how we teach, learn, and interact with each other; implement professional development that helps us understand and address the needs of our diverse learning community.

Be curious.


Pine Point School will distinguish itself as a year-round center of engaged learners: a place where people of all ages are inspired to explore ideas, build deep understanding, and work ethically for the common good.


We cultivate strong minds and caring hearts.

Art student drawing beneath a poster which asks,



At Pine Point, Engaged Learning is:


Learning at Pine Point develops deeper understanding.


Learning at Pine Point is intentional.


Learning at Pine Point is interdisciplinary.


Learning at Pine Point is collaborative.


Learning at Pine Point is hands-on and experiential.


Learning at Pine Point is designed to meet the needs of our students.