The value of an independent school education will last a lifetime – you truly are investing in your child's future. We understand it is a deep commitment, and our goal is to make Pine Point affordable to a wide range of families and to attract applicants who embrace our school's mission and core values. Pine Point offers need-based financial aid as well as merit scholarships.

Financial Aid

Approximately 30% of our families receive financial aid, with an average award of $9,500. Families with children entering kindergarten through grade 9 are welcome to apply. All families who wish to apply must complete a Parent Financial Statement through the Student Scholarship Services (SSS) website. Our financial aid is need-based, and is awarded to families with demonstrated need. The deadline is February 3, 2019.


The Campbell Scholar Program

Pine Point is committed to maintaining a generous merit program. The Campbell Scholarships are for new applicants entering grades 5 or 6, with awards ranging from $1,000 to $6,000. Scholarships are awarded to students of exceptional academic ability who also demonstrate strong character, good citizenship, and reflect the core values of Pine Point School.

The Campbell Scholarship Program honors Irene Campbell, one of Pine Point most influential educators. Mrs. Campbell was a lower school teacher in the 1960s and became Assistant Head of School. She loved children, loved learning, and loved Pine Point. Her practical wisdom shaped the School's spirit which we now refer to as strong minds and caring hearts. The Campbell Scholars Program celebrates her life and the distinct impact she had on children and learning.

To be considered for a Campbell Scholarship, students should submit an additional letter of recommendation and write a short essay (one page maximum) on one of the following topics:

  • Write a letter to the leader of a cause in which you believe.
  • Who is your hero? Tell us why.
  • Write about a time you showed courage in your life.


Tuition 2019-20:
Ages 3 and 4
$13,085 (5 full days)
$9,160 (5 half days)
$8,115 (3 full days)
$5,680 (3 half days)
Kindergarten - Grade 5 $26,565
Grades 6-8 $28,450
Grade 9 $29,685





Approximately 30% of our families receive financial aid, with an average award of $9,500.