Charles Glew '07


Pine Point School Class of 2007
Portsmouth Abbey Class of 2010
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, B.S. (Chemical Engineering), 2014, M.S. (Technology Commercialization and Entrepreneurship), 2015

Current Position

NanoWave® Operations Manager for ThermoAura Inc.

Charles Glew is leading the way in a new generation of professionals dedicated to manufacturing in America.

In his role as Operations Manager for ThermoAura's NanoWave® process, Charles oversees the commercial production of exceedingly small crystals.

Using microwave energy akin to that produced by kitchen appliances, the NanoWave® process makes crystals 1/1000th the width of a human hair. The product appears as gray powder which can be heated and pressed into thin sheets which are able to capture heat and convert it into energy. One promising application of the product is capturing waste heat from power plants to increase efficiency.

Charles was Pine Point’s 2017 Commencement speaker, returning to campus 10 years after his own graduation day. His audience included many members of his Class of 2007.

Collaborate with the people around you. Seek advice and guidance that can set you on a better path.

Charles spoke about three principles he learned during his time at Pine Point that still guide him today: the importance of intellectual curiosity, collaborating with others, and having a strong character.

“These characteristics will provide you with the tools to pull yourself up when you experience setbacks,” he told the graduates. “Your intellectual curiosity will spur you to learn from your mistakes and make better judgements in the future. If you’re struggling, do not be afraid ask for help. Collaborate with the people around you. Seek advice and guidance that can set you on a better path. Show your character by having the humility and honesty to admit your mistakes to yourself and to others. Be accountable, persevere and move on.

“You will become more confident to deal with the next challenge that will come your way.”