Steve Brown

Sixth Grade History and Science

Science Department Chair
Basketball Coach

Steve joined the Pine Point faculty in 1994. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia-Greene Community College; State University of New York, College at Oneonta, and Rhode Island College. He previously served as Chair of the Social Studies Department.

"Tears formed in my eyes as I gazed at the Parthenon and other temples from atop the ancient Athenian acropolis. I also had goose bumps all over my body, though it was a stifling 100 degrees on the thermometer, but even hotter when taking into account the heat retention of the limestone rock hill and marble walkways and structures that surrounded us. What was happening to me? I had seen thousands of pictures of this ancient architectural wonder and had read about its religious and historical background to the point that I thought I 'knew it all.' Therefore, I initially thought it would just be another historical landmark to check off the list. I had no idea that I would be completely overwhelmed and humbled by a man-made place that was literally in ruins. I was awed by its beauty and by its historical underpinnings to my own life.

"Such was one experience of many as my wife, Kate, and I traveled to Rome, Athens, the Greek islands, Split, Croatia and Venice. In Rome, I had a similar emotional experience in the Pantheon, one of the oldest and according to Michelangelo, the most perfect man-made structure in Italy. He adamantly refused to try to improve upon it when asked to do so by the Pope. Who could say they were alive if they didn’t feel bursting emotions upon viewing Michelangelo’s masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel? Kate found beauty in the myriad of mosaics we saw in and on the buildings in Venice and in the meticulously carved statues and fountains throughout Greece and Italy.

"To say that architecture and history alone influenced our decision to travel to the classical world would be an underestimation of our curiosity of other cultures. While I found it exhilarating to stroll down ancient cobbled streets, over bridges made and trodden on by Roman legions, and to experience the masters of different media of art, I still am in love with the power of stories. We met many people in these cities and many shared a story with us either about their family life, their history, the reasons for living in the area and yes, their opinions about the United States. We took numerous tours with professional guides who passionately helped us to visualize and understand an ancient world with the accompanying perspective of the individuals who lived during that time period.

"I thought I would come back with lesson plans to help my students with their understanding of the classical world. I came back instead with a renewed passion for the Roman and Greek cultures and a strong desire to read and learn more about the sites that I experienced first-hand. Every teacher needs a motivational “shot in the arm,” and this experience was it for me. I know that I’ll be a better teacher, and not just because of the numerous pictures and stories that I’ll share with my students, but rather for the added enthusiasm and passion that I will have for the classical time period."