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Evergreen at Home

Join Pine Point teachers coming to you from their homes – or from places which feel like home to them – as they share their passions and teach skills you can use today!

Juggling with Mr. DeLapp

You've always wanted to learn how to do this! Mr. DeLapp shows you how to start at the beginning, with just one object, and progress to 3 objects.

Contour Drawing with Ms. Iacoi

Ms. Iacoi demonstrates the technique of contour drawing where you keep your eyes on your subject rather than the paper.

Bike Skills with Mr. DeLapp

Douglas DeLapp demonstrates key biking skills and shows you how you can challenge yourself and practice safely, leading to even more fun on two wheels.

1-Minute Drawing with Ms. Iacoi

Maria Iacoi will guide you through a drawing exercise designed to unlock your creativity and foster a peaceful state of mind – all in just one minute!

Vernal Pools with Mr. Mitchell

Join Jon Mitchell on an exploration of the biology and geology of a vernal pool on the Pine Point campus. Look at what we can find!


All About Evergreen

Learners come to Pine Point's Stonington, Connecticut campus from many backgrounds and study at all times of the year. Our Evergreen offerings support our traditional academic curriculum and foster our mission by widening our learning community. Anyone can be a learner at Pine Point. Whether you are a child or an adult you are sure to find an Evergreen program that will inspire life-long learning in you. 

We offer courses, lessons, and workshops in the arts, athletics, service learning, and academics as well as individualized music lessons and tutoring. Explore each season to learn more. 

Contact with any questions or to request further information.

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