Fine Arts

Pine Point's fine arts program attends to the whole child's educational experience. Art, music and dance are integral to our academic program, and curricular units are often complemented by an artistic component from one or several of those disciplines.

Dedicated faculty teach fine arts classes to every student. In addition, there are extracurricular opportunities in the form of musical theater, instrumental and vocal ensembles, dance ensemble and visual art classes.

Both within the walls of Pine Point and outside as a service to the community, there are opportunities throughout the year for students to perform and to exhibit their work. There are also occasions when area schools are invited to Pine Point's auditorium to enjoy not only our performances, but also those that are provided by the Parents Association's Enrichment Series.

We value the arts for themselves and within the context of education. We believe that experiencing the arts is fundamental to the healthy development of our children's bodies, minds and spirits. Our goal is to nurture the capacity of our children to live in a complicated world, and enhanced by their participation in the arts, to carve a life that is meaningful to them.