Middle School


Pine Point's middle school students have earned a seat at the table.

Middle School students have earned their places at the table.

They are active. They are engaged. They have teachers who guide them to make the most of every personal, social, and intellectual opportunity before them.

Pine Point's middle school program honors adolescence by offering an exceptional environment for students who are eager to learn as they are challenged. It is designed to bridge our nurturing lower school program and the independent high school years ahead. Students are surrounded by peers who share their desire to strive academically and to learn ethically.

Pine Point students want to push the limits and learn on their own while knowing they are safe and accepted as they struggle with challenges. The program's structure allows them to make mistakes and respond constructively to those moments of growth. Through that process of self-discovery we view our students as leaders and prepare them for success in that role.

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Strong Minds

Peer editing in ELA.

A Pine Point Middle School student stretches beyond their comfort zone to engage in new ways. In addition to our rigorous academic classes, all students take courses in dance, music, studio art, world language, and physical education. Most students are three season athletes. Ninth grade students identify, develop, implement and present semester-long independent art projects, built on the foundation of skills and experiences from previous years.

Overnight travel is part of the curriculum in all middle school grades, with the distance and duration of trips expanding as the students grow; from an environmental education program at URI's Alton Jones campus, to Boston, the White Mountains, and Hawaii, the students focus on art, geography, history, and ecology.

Caring Hearts

Students work in the classroom and on the field.

Students work with their peers within and outside our community.

9th graders work on mathematics with 1st graders.

A Pine Point Middle School student is proud to serve as a role model to our younger students. Throughout the year, middle school students work with lower school students on service learning projects, as academic learning partners, and as friends playing games. Our middle school student are able to develop a strong sense of responsibility because they are the leaders.

A Pine Point Middle School student is empowered to share their voice with the community. Throughout the program students gain an understanding of their impact on their own learning, their peers, and the broader world, far beyond school.