Middle School


A community of students and teachers come together to create a joyous learning environment.

Dear Families,

Young adolescence is a time of growth in every person’s life – socially, intellectually, and physically. With changes for each child there is great opportunity. I invite you and your family to visit Pine Point, to talk with our students, to meet with other families, and to visit our classes. As you experience a day at our school, you will see that our faculty strive to help each student make the most of the personal, social, and intellectual opportunities before them.

Middle school at Pine Point is a unique educational setting that recognizes the value of young adolescence and provides an exceptional environment for each student to succeed as they are challenged.

Our program is intentionally designed to bridge our nurturing lower school program and the independent high school years ahead.

Middle school students thrive in a place that allows them to distinguish themselves as individuals, while helping them to engage and feel welcome with their peers. They crave independence yet require support, guidance, and encouragement. And they want to push the limits and learn on their own while knowing they are safe and accepted as they struggle with challenges. At Pine Point, students are provided with a structure that allows them to make mistakes and respond constructively to those mistakes, which are then seen as moments of growth, not failures.

At Pine Point, we value the middle school period of growth and self-discovery by creating an environment in which we view our students as leaders. They are prepared for success in that role.

Welcome to Pine Point. I look forward to a chance to show you our program in action.


Jon Mitchell
Head of Middle School

Learn More About Our Programs

Strong Minds

A Pine Point Middle School student stretches beyond his or her comfort zone to engage in new ways. Beyond our rigorous academic classes, all students complete courses each year in dance, music, studio art, world language, and physical education – including participation in two seasons on a sports team. Ninth grade students identify, develop, implement and present semester-long independent art projects, built on the foundation of skills and experiences from previous years.

Overnight travel is part of the curricula in all grades, with the distance and duration of trips expanding as the students develop; from an environmental education program at the University of Rhode Island – Alton Jones, to Boston, Washington, D.C., and Hawai`i, the students focus on art, geography, history, and ecology.

The co-curricular nature of our middle school program emphasizes that skills and experiences beyond traditional academic subjects are crucial to healthy development. Athletics, arts, and engaging with the world beyond the classroom walls are intentionally integrated into our program because we recognize they are important for every student.

Caring Hearts

A Pine Point Middle School student is proud to serve as a role model to our younger students. Throughout the year, middle school students work with lower school students on service learning projects, as academic learning partners, and as friends playing games. Our middle school students, as the ‘seniors’ in the student community, take their responsibility as a role model for others to heart because they remember the respect and awe they held for their older partners when they were young. They are able to develop, own, and act on that sense of responsibility because they are the leaders.

A Pine Point Middle School student is empowered to share his/her voice with the community. Throughout the program students gain an understanding of their impact on their own learning, their peers, and the broader world, far beyond school.

As they near graduation, all students present a speech to the community about a topic that is important to them. These 9th grade speeches are powerful moments for everyone, particularly for the soon-to-be graduates that are now comfortable and confident in themselves as they head into secondary school.