Dear Families,

As you embark on your child’s educational journey, I invite you to come see what makes our preschool unique and special.


Hear from our students and faculty who describe the special learning environment for the youngest students at Pine Point.

The Preschool Program

In Pine Point’s preschool program children grow in a safe, nurturing environment that builds confidence and independence. The program facilitates individual learning with a particular emphasis on play. The curriculum cultivates critical thinking and a love of learning while instilling empathy, respect for self, respect for others and responsibility.

Our prekindergarten program is housed within the DeMovick Early Childhood Center along with grades K – 2. Both of our mixed-age classrooms are designed for children ages 3-5 with two full time teachers in each. Pine Point offers extended day options until 5:30 p.m. The curriculum provides a firm academic, social and emotional foundation over a two-year continuum that prepares children for kindergarten. The preschool prides itself on being part of the larger Pine Point School community but it features its our own playground with bikes, climbers, slides, and boats.

Pine Point preschool families come from towns throughout southeastern Connecticut and western Rhode Island including Stonington, Westerly, Groton, Mystic, Norwich, Ledyard and more.

Our Faculty

Our preschool faculty is the heart of the program – all have earned bachelors or masters degrees in early childhood education. Faculty engage in ongoing professional development in early childhood teaching strategies. Teachers foster a positive, personal relationship with each child as they acknowledge and respect their differences. We recognize that each child develops at a different rate and we encourage each one to reach his/her full potential regardless.

Beyond the Classroom Walls

There are many ways the preschool is an integral part of the school at large. For example, preschool students have 2nd grade reading buddies, attend the monthly Lower School Morning Meeting, participate in all school hot lunch, and are periodically an audience for middle school world language department when they perform French and Spanish skits and songs.

Pine Point School integrates service learning into its curriculum at all grade levels beginning in Preschool. Past service learning projects include a glove and mitten drive for the Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center and singing songs for the residents at Apple Rehab.

Learning also happens through enrichment and field trips. Past field trips included visits to local orchards and farms as well as Mystic Seaport. Within the classroom we have enjoyed traveling petting zoos and visits from community members.

The arts and physical education are integrated in our curriculum. Our preschool students experience music, creative movement and P.E. once a week. Classes are taught in specialized spaces by teachers trained in each discipline.

Connections to Home

We believe in promoting and fostering a strong family school connection. This begins with a home visit from your child's teacher before the school year starts. This partnership is an integral part of our preschool program as we navigate these very important early years together. We welcome and encourage parent visitors in the classroom, whether it is to read a story or share a family tradition.

Our staff and students are also supported by the team for Pine Point’s Center for Assessment and Learning. A speech and language pathologist and a school psychologist come in weekly to play with the children and consult with teachers in weekly level meetings. The C.A.L. staff are a valuable resource available to parents as well.

Please come meet us and learn more about our program. We are eager to meet you!


Mary Raftery
Head of Lower School

Strong Minds

Our program builds pre-literacy and math skills at each student's own pace through teacher directed small group work or student-directed activities during center time as well as "circle time" activities.

We value the importance of play as children learn about the world around them and develop a strong sense of self. Current research shows that play is an essential part of early childhood educational experience. Activities and materials are designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity while building independence. Play and language are the most important tools for developing early literacy. Preschool students are developing their imagination, relationships, problem-solving, number concepts, and turn-taking skills as well as receptive and expressive language, letter recognition, phonemic awareness, fine and gross motor skills.

Caring Hearts

It is through play that our preschoolers develop their social/emotional and self help skills. Pine Point's core values of respect, integrity, moral courage, and excellence are continually modeled throughout the day in preschool as children learn to play collaboratively and kindly – in short, how to be a good friend. Teachers model appropriate communication skills when resolving conflicts and teach strategies and language to recognize emotions. They are learning not only how to be a good citizen, but how to be part of the preschool community.

A Day in Preschool

Time Activity
8:00 Arrival
8:30 Morning Meeting: greeting, calendar
8:45 Theme-based Center Time
9:05 Choice Time: child-directed centers including writing center, sensory table and puzzles
9:45 Snack
10:30 Recess
11:15 Fine Motor Activity
11:25 Show and Tell, group lessons in math and science
11:30 Specials: library, music, dance, PE
12:00 Lunch
12:45 Rest
2:15 Snack and recess
3:10 Dismissal
3:15 Extended Day