Service Learning

Pine Point School prepares students with critical thinking skills, ethical challenges, and the moral courage to act toward the greater good. We believe students learn best when actively engaged and connected to the greater community. The service learning program is comprised of:

  • curricular-based service learning projects
  • G.I.V.E., our student-founded philanthropy organization led by 8th and 9th grade students
  • character development activities

The program includes preschool through ninth grade. Projects are designed by the classroom teachers to fit specific curricular goals and the needs of each service learning site.

Pine Point School embraces its role as a member of the community, and we encourage teachers and students to utilize our region's resources in academic pursuits and provide service to those in need.

The service learning program at Pine Point was designed to meet the specific social, emotional and cognitive needs of our students. We believe that service learning:

  • fosters cognitive growth through active learning and meaningful problem solving activities
  • reinforces curriculum goals and objectives
  • facilitates the transition from egocentric to social thought
  • provides positive role models to help students make difficult decisions for their own lives and the public good
  • builds self-esteem by recognizing student achievement
  • builds leadership skills
  • develops an awareness of social and civic issues, policies and values