Quest II on the Mystic River

Since our founding in 1948 one of the constants has been the support given by alumni, current and past parents, grandparents, faculty and staff, and friends to help maintain and strengthen Pine Point.

Support comes in many forms. Countless hours are given by trustees, members of the Parents Association, class coordinators, library and arts department volunteers, and alumni class agents. Members of the Pine Point family make a difference through their advocacy and their expressions of gratitude for what the School means to them.

As with every other independent school, Pine Point relies on the generosity of its supporters to keep us moving forward, to more fully carry out our mission. Every year over 500 members of the Pine Point family and the greater community make a gift in support of this generation of Pine Point students and those who will be with us in the future. Whether you are making a gift to the Annual Fund, the endowment, or a special event, you're making an investment in Pine Point, signalling your belief in what the School values and is accomplishing.

If you're already a donor, thank you for your generosity and commitment. If you're new to the School, we encourage you to make Pine Point an important part of your philanthropy.
Please contact Director of Advancement Chris Hibbard if you have any questions as to how you can support Pine Point.


Archana and I are happy to support Pine Point. We strongly believe in the School and also admire the educators and administrators who make Pine Point such a wonderful place for our children. – Sekhar Naik

Garnett ’13 worked hard at Woodberry Forest (thanks to the foundation that Pine Point gave him) and was rewarded with an acceptance into the University of Virginia, which has been his dream for a long time. Izzie ’15 headed back to Tabor on the first day of September as she was asked to be a dorm proctor. Needless to say, we are very proud of our two, and we still credit their years at Pine Point for having such a positive impact on their education. – Elizabeth Reid

I am grateful to Pine Point for the opportunity afforded my grandson to learn and play and discover his place in the world. With affection and appreciation. – Karen McGee