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Honoring Carol Roper and Amy Hallberg

We are especially thankful for the distinguished careers of two of our teaching faculty who retired from teaching in June, 2019:  Carol Roper and Amy Hallberg. These two faculty members are both known for their love of language and for cultivating important habits that pave the way for their students' academic success. 

Carol Roper and the Fund for Teaching Excellence

Carol Roper joined the Pine Point faculty in 1985. She started teaching 5th, then 6th, then in the 2/3 classroom, then back to 5th, and finally 6th again! Currently Carol focuses on English / Language Arts and mathematics. While this is a unique combination of courses, Carol relishes teaching both subjects and points to the logical, parallel skills in writing a sentence and a math equation. Carol served as our English Department Chair for many years, leading her colleagues in crucial conversations about portfolios, writing, research, and assessment. She's also the major force behind our "One Book, One Middle School" initiative. Committed to exhibiting our students' writing and art as a demonstration of learning, Carol also served as the editor of the Pine Quill. She takes great joy in reading excerpts from student pieces and sharing the finished product with the Pine Point community. It's magical for students to see their work celebrated and published, and we thank Carol for her years of dedication to the Pine Quill.

Amy Hallberg and the Fund for Teaching Excellence

Amy Hallberg worked at Pine Point from 1999 to 2007. After moving south for a couple of years, we were happy to have Amy back on campus again in 2009. Although Amy has worked in many school settings - including boarding, parochial, public and independent day schools—the majority of her teaching career has been spent right here on Barnes Road.While she focuses on the important building blocks of the French language, Amy's overarching goal is for her students to build their relationships and communication skills while developing an appreciation for the different cultures of our world. Amy's love of language is palpable when you see her stop to speak to her students on the walkway. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Many members of the Pine Point community honored Carol and Amy by making a gift to The Fund for Teaching Excellence, an endowment fund that supports the faculty from classroom instruction to their compensation. Over the last 15 years members of the Pine Point family have made gifts totaling over $230,000 to this fund in support of the faculty. The generosity of hundreds of individuals and families in support this Fund has been a key element in the overall growth of our endowment.