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Annual Fund

Engaged Learning and Belonging

Pine Point's campus on 89 Barnes Road in Stonington Connecticut

Children thrive when they are deeply engaged in their own learning while surrounded by a community in which they feel a sense of belonging.

Students at Pine Point are growing academically, socially, and emotionally because they are actively engaged in everything they do. What does engaged learning look and feel like at Pine Point? It’s an intentionally-designed program that’s intellectual, purposeful, integrated, social, active, and flexible in both philosophy and practice.

Equally important, the students at Pine Point are flourishing because they are part of a community that includes their classmates, fellow students, teachers, family members, and other adults. They feel a sense of confidence and real connection as they work together with a shared purpose, be it preparing for a dance performance, building a birdhouse, translating Spanish verbs, or reconstructing a hiking trail for a local land conservancy.

Engaged learning and a sense of belonging—with these two elements in place the students at Pine Point are inspired to explore and embrace every opportunity that comes their way.

Your Partnership with Pine Point

Since our founding in 1948, the Pine Point community has never wavered in its belief in the School’s mission, nor the responsibility and gratitude it feels to do what it can to keep us moving forward. 

The success of the Annual Fund is critically important to the health of our school and the vibrancy of our program. Our goal for the Annual Fund is $325,000. Here’s the incredible news. As of mid-May, 362 individuals and families had made gifts and pledges totaling $283,000! In this tumultuous time, reaching our goal would be a great victory for us. Its importance both financially and psychologically cannot be overstated. 

A $10,000 Challenge

Three weeks ago, an anonymous donor reported that they would give $10,000 if we could raise 111 gifts for the Annual Fund. Why 111? This year, four beloved members of the faculty/staff—Barbara Pattenden, Rosemary Robertson, Robin Smith, and Lou Toscano—are retiring after giving 111 years of distinguished service and teaching to hundreds of children. Please consider a gift in their honor as a sign of your thanks for everything they’ve accomplished. As well, a gift to the Annual Fund also recognizes what they and all of their colleagues have done this year to ensure the strength of the students’ experience. 

This challenge is only available to us until June 30. To date, 23 donors have responded and we’re left needing just 88 gifts to secure $10,000. We can do this if we work together. Every gift makes a difference.

This is the time to make your gift. This is the time to affirm your love for Pine Point. If you’re able, we would be most grateful for your help.

Giving Clubs
Head of School's Circle $10,000 and above
Sustainers$7,500 – $9,999
Pine Point Partners$5,000 – $7,499
Pine Point Patrons
$2,500 – $4,999
Founders Group$1,949 – $2,499
1948 Society$1,500 – $1,948
Benefactors$1,000 – $1,499
Major Donors$500 – $999
Houghton Circle$250 – $499
Green and Gold Team$100 – $249
Circle of Friends$1 – $99