Annual Fund

Students are excited to begin their day.

Morning drop-off tells you a lot about how our students feel about school. It seems there’s barely time for a quick hug before the kids are hurrying into the building to see their friends and begin their day. The students’ exuberance is a result of their own inquisitive nature and a program intentionally built to cultivate a joy for learning.

At Pine Point, learning is hands-on and experiential. It’s an active exercise, interdisciplinary in scope, taking place in the classroom, on our 67-acre campus, and farther afield at the many sites (near and far to Stonington) that Pine Point utilizes to kindle curiosity, strengthen skills, and enhance understanding.

One example of this approach can be seen in one of the newer units of study in the sixth grade. As part of their exploration of the Paleolithic Age, the students investigate the paintings of Lascaux. The sixth graders read about the art and they hear from their history and art teachers about these extraordinary prehistoric creations. But this learning is taken to a deeper level when the students paint animals on the rocks bordering the playground, using natural materials to make their own paints and brushes, and the contours of the rocks to bring movement to their renderings.

At Pine Point, learning is also a social endeavor. Our students truly enjoy working together, whether they are conducting research in Fishers Island Sound, choreographing a dance, or interviewing a resident at StoneRidge, an assisted living facility in Mystic. Working collaboratively maximizes the learning and leads to better solutions. It’s also fun!

Please help us to maintain the strength of Pine Point throughout the course of the year by making a generous gift to the Annual Fund. It's one of the best investments you can make!

Students study aboard Quest on Long Island Sound.

Students rise up in dance class

7th grade senior biography partners

Giving Clubs
Head of School's Circle $10,000 and above
Sustainers$7,500 – $9,999
Pine Point Partners$5,000 – $7,499
Pine Point Patrons
$2,500 – $4,999
Founders Group$1,949 – $2,499
1948 Society$1,500 – $1,948
Benefactors$1,000 – $1,499
Major Donors$500 – $999
Houghton Circle$250 – $499
Green and Gold Team$100 – $249
Circle of Friends$1 – $99